• Usairam Tapy

Live-streaming E-commerce In The U.S. Maybe Slow To Start, But Will Change Things On Social Forever

Amazon launched their influencer live-streaming program a month ago. The TLDR is that influencers can live-stream on Amazon to drive sales (& earn an affiliate fee). It's impressive. There’s a ton of creators & the platform feels very social. The view counts don’t seem particularly high (yet), but I imagine that’s going to change soon. I’m super bullish on live-streaming e-commerce. It's going to have a dramatic impact on advertising here in the states. China is the tip of the spear & it's estimated that $136 billion in sales will be generated via livestreams this year. WARC data reinforces how BIG it is & how fast it has grown. The total GMV generated by livestreaming on China’s top three top platforms (Taobao, TikTok and Kwai) has 8X’d since 2018. Within those platforms live-streaming is driving a disproportionate amount of sales. For example: • Personal Care/Health/Massage: 7% of total SKUs/84% of total GMV • Supplements: 20% of total SKUs/76% of total GMV • Beauty/Cosmetics: 33% of total SKUs in/92% of total GMV According to the report “Livestreaming e-commerce is an unstoppable trend in China’s consumer goods industry. It’s turning the entire country into a market where ‘face-to-text’ interactions happen at an unprecedented scale.”

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